Active timber management and CRP pine plantations not only provide excellent turkey brood habitat, they also support some of the healthiest deer herds in the state.

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New Jersey Wild Turkey Distribution Map

New Jersey Wild Turkey Distribution Map



Eastern Wild Turkey Stretching Wings
The NAWTMP partners with utility companies through the NWTF's Energy for Wildlife program to enhance right of way management for wildlife benefits and reliable energy delivery.


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New Jersey

New Jersey is home to the Eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris), which can be found in every mainland New Jersey county. The Eastern wild turkey is the most widely distributed, abundant and hunted turkey subspecies of the five distinct subspecies found in the United States. It inhabits the eastern half of the country and is primarily found in hardwood and mixed forests from New England and southern Canada to northern Florida and west to Texas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota.

The North American Wild Turkey Management Plan is a compilation of regional and state/provincial plans that will outline goals to help wildlife management agencies and the NWTF's dedicated volunteers target the most important factors in wild turkey conservation and protecting our hunting heritage.

In support of the North American Wild Turkey Management Plan and the continued efforts of wild turkey conservation and the preservation of the hunting tradition, the NWTF's New Jersey State Chapter and its members have spent more than $420,500 on projects in New Jersey since 1985. The money has been raised through Hunting Heritage Super Fund banquets and administered jointly by the NWTF, its state chapters and state wildlife agencies. The New Jersey State Chapter's priorities fall into four categories: Habitat Enhancement, Hunter Access, Wild Turkey Research and Outreach.

Habitat Enhancement

Hunter Access

Wild Turkey Research

Education and Outreach

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