Active timber management and CRP pine plantations not only provide excellent turkey brood habitat, they also support some of the healthiest deer herds in the state.

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Oregon Wild Turkey Distribution Map
Oregon Wild Turkey Distribution Map



Oregon Turkey Hunters
The NAWTMP supports Oregon's Access and Habitat Program to provide public hunting access to private lands.


Photo Credit: National Wild Turkey Federation
Rio Grande Wild Turkey

Photo Credit: Albert Lavallee/National Wild Turkey Federation
Merriam's Wild Turkey

Photo Credit: National Wild Turkey Federation


Two wild turkey subspecies have been introduced to Oregon. The Merriam's wild turkey was the first subspecies released in the state. Live-trapped wild Merriam's turkeys were received from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska and Montana. The Merriam's turkey is native to mountainous woodland habitats from the southwestern United States to central Colorado. The Merriam's wild turkey population in Oregon increased rapidly following initial releases and then stabilized at lower population levels after the initial expansion.

The Rio Grande wild turkey was the first introduced to southwestern Oregon in 1975. Rio Grande wild turkeys are native to riparian (streamside) and scrub woodlands from the southern Great Plains southward into northeastern Mexico. In Oregon, this subspecies has since been established throughout the state and has proven adaptable to a surprisingly wide range of habitat types. Because of this, management efforts have focused primarily on this subspecies since the early 1980s. Wild-trapped birds have come from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and California

The North American Wild Turkey Management Plan is a compilation of regional and state/provincial plans that will outline goals to help wildlife management agencies and the NWTF's dedicated volunteers target the most important factors in wild turkey conservation and protecting our hunting heritage.

In support of the North American Wild Turkey Management Plan and the continued efforts of wild turkey conservation and the preservation of the hunting tradition, the NWTF's Oregon State Chapter and its members have spent more than $407,967 on projects within the state. The money has been raised through dedicated fundraising efforts throughout the state and used in agency partnerships with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the US Forest Service (USFS). The Oregon State Chapter's priorities fall into four categories: Habitat Enhancement, Hunter Access, Wild Turkey Research and OutreachHunter Access, Wild Turkey Research and Outreach.

Habitat Enhancement

Hunter Access

Wild Turkey Research

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