CEO Notes

Partners in our mission

As I celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, I love the quiet evenings with a fire, a warm beverage and the glow of a Christmas tree surrounded by a mountain of brightly wrapped gifts. This year, I gave presents to loved ones who supported our mission that contained items from one of the NWTF’s most important partner groups — our corporate partners.

Over the past three decades, the list of NWTF corporate partners and licensees has grown to over 50 companies. Many of these businesses are market leaders in their respective industries, and all of them are passionate about the mission of the NWTF. They work side by side with us because they share our commitment to conservation, our hunting heritage and the outdoor lifestyle that we all cherish. Over the years, they have contributed millions of dollars and helped our volunteers generate millions more to allow the NWTF to accomplish its work across the country.

Through special programs and product offerings, our corporate friends have provided us with items that have helped our chapters raise the revenue needed to fulfill our mission work. They have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of products to support raffles, auctions and other fundraising efforts at local banquets and state events, as well as at our National Convention. Many of these companies have been long term and committed supporters of NWTF’s Women in the Outdoors, JAKES and Wheelin’ Sportsmen programs through both financial and product contributions. Most recently, some of these partners have quickly seen the importance that recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunters holds for the future of conservation. They have enthusiastically gotten involved in our national R3 efforts and chapter level mentored hunting programs.

Corporate partners are also very important supporters of NWTF’s media and communications platforms, making significant investments in Turkey Country and JAKES Country magazines, the NWTF website, TV and other electronic media each year. These efforts allow us to reach beyond our membership to build our brand and tell our story through millions of impressions annually. Some of our partners, through the licensed use of the NWTF logo on selected products, are helping establish our brand to a broad spectrum of outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts. Building our brand not only helps connect people to the NWTF but also attracts them to the work we do and helps grow our membership and volunteer ranks.

Because mutual support is crucial for any partnership to thrive and grow, we ask all of our members and supporters to do business with our corporate partners whenever possible. You can find these partners on our website and in every issue of Turkey Country magazine (see page 37 for Hunting Heritage Programs sponsors and the advertisers index on page 86). Many of them will also be participating at the convention. If you’re there, please take a minute to stop by a booth or find these folks at an event and thank them for their partnership. Let’s continue to support the companies that support NWTF, and show them the same kind of support that they have steadfastly shown to the NWTF and our mission.

— Becky Humphries, NWTF CEO