Nebraska NWTF Board of Director’s 2017 Super Fund Project Approvals


Nebraska — The Nebraska State Chapter of the NWTF recently allocated more than $78,530 in funding to support NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt efforts in Nebraska. This commitment was matched with $368,200 in funding from our partners. 

A total $27,185 was awarded to Save the Hunt. in Nebraska including JAKES, WITO, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, local and state scholarships and hunter access efforts. This funding includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • $8,495 to uphold outdoor traditions through support of 4H, the National Archery in the Schools Program, and other shooting sports programs across the state. 
  • $10,500 in support of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission’s Open Fields and Waters Program. Funding is for a continuation of a pilot program in the Loess Canyons area targeting new private land properties. This funding will provide for more than 8,800 acres of hunter access.
    Partners: NGPC and participating Nebraska landowners

​In addition, the Nebraska State Board of Directors dedicated $45,250 in NWTF funding to the following Hunting Heritage Super Fund projects to Save the Habitat:

  • $10,000 (three year commitment) for capacity support, specifically the NWTF District Biologist Program and the NWTF-NGPC Cooperative Forester position in Northwest Nebraska. 
    Partners: NGPC, USFWS (Pittman-Robertson grant), NWTF-National, KSNWTF, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks & Tourism
  • $5,000 (three year commitment) in support of increased conservation efforts in the NWTF’s Black Hills-Pine Ridge Focal Landscape to include primarily forest restoration but could include riparian restoration
  • $1,500 for Oak Woodland Restoration efforts at Fontenelle Forest
    Partners: NGPC and Fontenelle Forest
  • $7,000 in support of habitat equipment purchases by NGPC and the USDA Forest Service, including a Terra Torch for NGPC to burn slash created by forest restoration projects and a water-jet stinger for USDA Forest Service riparian tree planting efforts. 
    Partners: NGPC and USFS
  • $21,750 in support of NGPC’s riparian restoration efforts at Enders WMA, Red Willow WMA, and Medicine Creek WMA. Efforts are primarily removal of invasive species such as Russian olive and salt cedar. 
    Partner: NGPC

About the National Wild Turkey Federation
When the National Wild Turkey Federation was founded in 1973, there were about 1.5 million wild turkeys in North America. After decades of work, that number hit an historic high of almost 7 million turkeys. To succeed, the NWTF stood behind science-based conservation and hunters’ rights. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, professional staff and committed partners, the NWTF has facilitated the investment of $488 million in wildlife conservation and the preservation of North America’s hunting heritage. The NWTF has improved more than 17 million acres of wildlife habitat and introduce 100,000 people to the outdoors each year. The NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is a charge that mobilizes science, fundraising and devoted volunteers to raise $1.2 billion to conserve and enhance more than 4 million acres of essential wildlife habitat, recruit at least 1.5 million hunters and open access to 500,000 acres for hunting. For more information, visit

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