New Turkey-Hunting Book Highlights NWTF Role in Super Slam Quests

A new book called Turkey Men profiles six extraordinary hunters who have killed a wild turkey in all 49 states where they now thrive. Two of the six are from Florida. The others are from South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

“Their stories are remarkable,” said author Thomas R. Pero. Only a handful of hunters have ever achieved this feat. It took them years.

“I did the calculation,” he said, “and discovered that 235 times as many mountain climbers have successfully reached the top of Everest.”

Long interviews and impressive photos of these hunters document their devoted and adventurous quest for the United States Super Slam, first named by the National Wild Turkey Federation in 2011. The hunters hold nothing back.

Restoration efforts of the NWTF are mentioned thankfully throughout the book. Without the early pioneering conservation work of the NWTF, pursuit of the Super Slam wouldn’t be possible because the birds would not be in all 49 states.

“I keep bringing up NWTF,” Randy Stafford of Franklinton, Louisiana, said in his interview. “I’m a huge fan.” Stafford credits the organization with helping him achieve his Super Slam by offering hunts in various key states at NWTF auctions and in providing a widespread, friendly network of contacts around the country. He applauded NWTF members for giving generously of helpful advice and suggestions during the Super Slam quest. Randy’s wife, Debbie, already has 31 states to her credit. She participated in the interview for the new book.

Turkey Men made its debut at the NWTF Convention in Nashville, when the author visited the Tag It Worldwide booth to sign copies. Randy and Debbie Stafford, David Ellis and Jeff Budz, who is “Secrets of the Slam” columnist for Turkey Country magazine also visited the booth. To top it off, Matt Lindler, NWTF’s magazine editor took the cover photo for Turkey Men.

Review copies of Turkey Men are available to the outdoor press.

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