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Piedmont, SC - 12/02/2014
Union, SC 29379

Neil "Gobbler" Cost, SC - 12/04/2014
Greenwood, SC 29646

South Carolina State Rendezvous, SC - 01/23/2015
McCormick, SC 298354431

Aiken County Local, SC - 02/06/2015
Aiken, SC 29801

Zach Farmer Orangeburg Chapter, SC - 02/07/2015
Orangeburg, SC 29115

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A Message from George Thornton, NWTF CEO

George Thornton

Our values

The NWTF remains committed to faith, family and country. We advocate holding ourselves to, and being representatives of, a conservation ethic of the highest standards. We owe that to the resource. If we are to succeed at an aggressive undertaking like Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt., it will require the best from every member of our team. Along the same lines, collaboration is critically important, and we are committed to encouraging collaboration among our employees. We will see to it that the NWTF community is one that reflects high trust and mutual respect as well as fosters organizational and personal integrity from staff and volunteers.

Our business plan

Over the coming year we will embark on the development of a multi-year organizational business plan. The plan will align our resources so that we successfully and efficiently deliver on our mission. It will be the foundation upon which we manage the organization -- from budgeting to branding, fundraising to mission delivery. It is critical to our sustainable success over the next 10 years.

Our future

We identified the need and opportunity for considerable growth across the organization. Growth for the sake of the mission. Growth for the things we have committed to delivering -- the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage. Four million acres of habitat. One and a half million hunters. An additional half million acres of places to hunt.

Our financial success

The NWTF will have strong, balanced and diverse revenue streams, which will provide us stability. The primary contributors will be the event system, development and conservation programs. In addition, our non-event membership programs and marketing efforts will make increased revenue contributions and aid in the organization's interdependent stability. We will be well on our way to complete financial security with an endowment that is integral to our long-term mission delivery. This fund will be a result of planned giving efforts within the development department.

Our influence

Our market penetration will get stronger as our membership base grows. Just as important as the size is the diversity of that base. Our organization will grow conservation leaders and serve as the go-to source for new hunters entering the sport through traditional and nontraditional channels.

We will expand our ability to deliver excellent upland conservation work by focusing on key areas across the country. We will leverage and expand our prominent position as the lead non-government organization when it comes to working forests. National partnerships will remain strong, while state partnerships are elevated to the same level through our focused approach. Both will be enhanced through the development and expansion of new partnerships, including those in the forestry products industry.

The NWTF will successfully evolve its Hunting Heritage Programs to deliver on our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. objectives. Our Palmetto Shooting Complex and outdoor education center will serve as the flagship representation of the NWTF's strong position. The diversity of our membership moving forward will be a direct result of our commitment to strengthening our position as the place people go to learn turkey hunting as well as other hunting pursuits, habitat management and related outdoor skills.

Our next steps

Even before we begin planning and better aligning our organization, we can set the stage for success. It starts with our culture -- focusing on our organizational values and our mission. It's time to build a culture where people naturally feel committed to support the NWTF and its mission, financially and otherwise, at increasingly higher levels.

We will invest in staff and key volunteer education and training, where the mission is our focus and everyone has an opportunity to be more connected with it. It will mean more to be an NWTF member. The organization's commitment to its mission and the improved communication of our accomplishments will help every member know why they're here and feel compelled to stick around.

Thanks to each of you for your part in our success moving forward. Delivering on Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. has a chance to be the most fun we have ever had doing hard, worthwhile work. I'm glad to be in it with each of you.

George Thornton, NWTF CEO

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