President's Message

       Greetings from the Heart of Dixie better known as the state of Alabama. My name is Phil Savage and I have the honor of serving as the current Alabama State Chapter President. I am very fortunate to work with a great group of volunteers that serve as Directors on the Alabama State Chapter. Alabama is also blessed to have many dedicated and hard working volunteers who serve on local NWTF Chapters throughout the state to help raise funds for the mission of the NWTF.
       Your State Chapter Board of Directors has the responsibility to make the decisions on how Superfund dollars are spent in Alabama. Superfund monies are derived from the NWTF Hunting Heritage banquets held throughout the year in Alabama. The Alabama State Chapter continues to support putting money back in the ground through NWTF seed subsidy programs. Alabama offers a spring subsidy each year for chufa and we will again offer a fall subsidy on the Pennington Triple Threat clover. These programs alone are great reasons to be a member of the NWTF in Alabama. Alabama is also one of the top states that participate in the Conservation Seed Program administered by the NWTF.
       Thank you if you are a current member of the NWTF.  I encourage you to attend a local Hunting Heritage banquet in your area and join the NWTF flock if you are not a member. You won’t be sorry.
Phil Savage, President
Alabama State Chapter NWTF
Cell 334.850.7997