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NWTF Wild Turkey Records

Use the NWTF’s Wild Turkey Records calculator and registration page to see how your trophy tom measures up.

By using the Wild Turkey Records search function, you can compare toms by size, beard length, spur length, state, subspecies or by the hunter’s name. Since the NWTF started keeping records in 1982, more than 17,000 birds have been registered. To get your name on the list, click the “How to Register” link.

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Search the Wild Turkey Records

There are a number of options for you to choose from when searching our records:

Search by rank:
Ex. Find a list of all Rio Grande turkeys ranked by beard length.

Search by rank, then name:
Ex. Find where your Rio Grande's beard ranks in that list.

Search by name only:
Type in your name to see all the birds you've registered and where
they rank (total score only)

The longest beard ranking reflects longest single beard only. Total measurements for multiple beards are included in the total score category.

Search For My Turkeys

Enter all or part of a name to search for. If you don't find what you are looking for, try entering just part of the name.



 Grand, Royal, Canadian, Mexican, World and U.S. Super Slams

One of the biggest feats in turkey hunting is completing a slam. There are six recognized slams in turkey hunting: Grand, Royal, World, Canadian, U.S. Super and Mexican. The NWTF has compiled a list of people who have completed each slam. The wild turkey records database accumulates records on all wild turkeys currently or previously registered to determine who has achieved Grand, Royal, World, Canadian, U.S. Super and Mexican Slams. The completion of a slam does not require the kills to take place in a single calendar year.

• Grand Slams
Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam's and Osceola (Florida) birds

• Royal Slams
Four subspecies listed above in addition to the Gould's bird

• World Slams
Five subspecies listed above in addition to the Ocellated wild turkey

• Mexican Slams
Mexican Slam consists of the following birds harvested in Mexico only: Rio Grande, Gould's and Ocellated.

• Canadian Slams
Canadian Slam consists of harvesting the Eastern and Merriam's bird in the following provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Mantoba, Alberta or British Columbia

• U.S. Super Slams
The U.S. Super Slam consists of harvesting a bird in every state except Alaska.

Search All Records

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Turkey Type:

Typical turkeys have one beard and two spurs. Atypical turkeys have more than one beard and/or more than two spurs.

Multiple Spurs:

Method Used:

Hunter Gender:

Location of Harvest:

Show Calls Used:




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