Super Fund Quick Facts

In Arkansas:
Over $2,270,677 has been raised and spent by local chapters.
Spent $1,188,733 on habitat improvement projects.
Spent $325,181 on educational programs and literature.
Spent $134,000 to purchase 1,876 acres of land or conservation easements.
Spent $5,300 to support hunter safety classes and initiatives.
Spent $156,932 on wild turkey research.

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Attention Arkansas Hunters Education Instructors who are NWTF Members!

The Arkansas State chapter is looking for information on hunter education graduate.  Under our Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt initiative, we can count a certain percentage of graduates toward our goals.  If you would be interested in sharing your graduate statistics, we'll enter you in a drawing for a shotgun.  Remember, you must be a NWTF member to qualify!  Click Here for Details