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Hot New Products at 2009 Convention

Ten New Turkey Vests for Spring

Turkey Myths Debunked

Range Estimation Made Easy

Start Planning for Spring

It's never too early to start preparing for the spring gobbler season, especially if you're traveling for a bird.

Keeping a Keen Edge

Tree Stand Safety

Don't let anything happen to you. Follow these safety tips when hunting from a tree stand this fall.

Eat Better. Help the Economy. Hunt Local.

Want to save money during these economic times? Go hunting in your area, and each what your catch.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Before heading out to get fuel for your home or hunt camp stove, be sure to review these chainsaw safety tips.

White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy Meets in October

Around 1,000 conservation leaders and government decision-makers will meet in Reno, Nev., in October to chart the future of wildlife and hunting.

Setting the Stage for the Next Century of Conservation

This article is the first in a series about the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy. Following articles will provide more in-depth perspectives on the historical context of hunting and conservation.

Planning a Food Plot for Deer and Wild Turkeys

Food plots make your land more productive and hunting more rewarding, but if you're thinking of planting for this fall, you need to start planning now.

7 Tips for Busting Flying Targets

Whether training for competition on the range or to down more birds for the dove opener next week, every shooter wants to become better. Here are some basic tips to remember the next time you shoulder your shotgun.

NWTF Recognizes New Slams, Pins

Beginning in January 2007, hunters will be able to register two additional slams: Mexican slam and Canadian Slam.

Playing it by Ear

When gobbles ring out in every direction, Henry Haas never hears them. He can't hear much of anything really, so he sits in his blind with a box call watching for birds rather than listening for them.

ATV Safety in the Field

From recreational riding to planting food plots, to scouting and utility use in the hunting woods, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) play a significant role in the outdoor world. With nearly 4.5 million ATVs in this country and more than 500,000 miles of legal backcountry roads, machine safety is important.

Capitol Area Attractions for Outdoor Lovers

Brooding on Habitat

NWTF dollars and volunteer hours give wild turkey poults in Pennsylvania's Michaux State Forest a better chance at surviving their first spring and summer.

Dogwoods Offer Flowers and More

Flowering dogwood trees hold their bright red berries through late fall and into early winter, providing nutritious forage to small mammals and birds, including wild turkeys. For a limited time, the NWTF is offering flowering dogwood seedlings through its Project HELP program.

How to Plant a Tree

Planting a tree requires more than digging a hole, putting a tree in and refilling the hole.

Turkey Hunting's Top Ten States

Turkey hunters searching for an out-of-state adventure can get a head start by figuring out which states account for the most number of turkeys tagged. We make it easy for you with this top ten list!

The NWTF in New Mexico is Creating New Opportunities for Turkey Hunters

With Merriam's turkeys in its mountains, Rio Grande turkeys along its river bottoms and Gould's turkeys in its southwest corner, New Mexico offers hunters the chance to see three of the five wild turkey subspecies.

Sportsmen’s Groups Boost Conservation Agenda

President Bush canceled plans to dilute the Clean Water Act after meeting with leaders of America's top sportsmen's organizations. Click here to learn how sportsmen and women are gaining recognition as a force for conservation.

Sport Hunting Helping the Ocellated Turkey

This colorful Central American turkey species lives in the tropical rainforests of Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico. Click here to learn how the ocellated turkey benefits from regulated sport hunting.

Conservation Spotlight: Ontario, Canada

Eighteen years after its first reintroduction efforts, Ontario offers hunters a premier destination for chasing the Eastern subspecies.

Fall Land Management Tips You Can’t Ignore

Break out the chainsaw and roto-tiller and head for your hunting woods with these fall season land improvement suggestions from NWTF's conservation biologists.

NWTF Conservation Spotlight: Nebraska

Hunters looking to bag Eastern and Merriam's turkeys need look no further than the state of Nebraska. Click here to learn more about the Turkey Federation's efforts to help bring North America's largest game bird back to Nebraska.

Double Duty Dressing

Aloha, From the NWTF

Michigan Stars in NWTF Conservation Efforts

Turkey Calls Get Their Due

Hunters have appreciated the form and function of turkey calls for hundreds, even thousands, of years. But the functional and beautiful calls haven't typically been known about, much less recognized as an art form, in mainstream society--until now.

The Young Hero

In recent years, a kind of patriotism not seen since World War II has united the nation, giving new meaning to "One nation under God." The same commitment that led colonists with their hunting rifles off to fight the British for independence led David Mahlke III to Iraq, where he discovered the early patriots' homespun truth: A good hunter makes a good soldier.


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