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7 Tips for Busting Flying Targets

It's a good time to break out the shotgun and bust some clay birds.

Whether training for competition, just for fun or to down more birds in the field this fall, every shooter wants to become better. Most understand there is more to hitting a flying target than simply pointing a scattergun in the air and filling the sky with lead. Consistently hitting your target requires dedication and training.

Learning to shoot properly in the beginning is best, since it will help you avoid picking up bad habits as you progress. However, many have been shooting for years and the truth is, most shooters probably didn't enjoy expert guidance from the first pull of the trigger.

Regardless of your abilities, following are some basic shooting tips to help you the next time you head out with a shotgun to shoot sky targets:

  1. Shoot with both eyes open.

  2. Don't stop the swing of your gun when you pull the trigger - continue to swing smoothly through the target.

  3. Shoot where the target will be, not where it is. Provide proper lead for the speed of the target.

  4. Locate the target as quickly as possible in order to bring the gun to bear.

  5. Concentrate on the target and point the gun - don't aim it like a rifle.

  6. Get into a comfortable stance keeping "nose over toes," and knees slightly bent.

  7. Practice mounting the gun until it comes to the shoulder in a smooth, automatic motion.

The most important tip that can be given about shooting is practice. Practice until the entire process of shooting is instinctive. Professional athletes train year round. Don't expect to feather birds on opening day or bust clays at the next tournament if you pick up a shotgun two weeks before the season or event.

To gain even more practice and improve your competitive edge, check for an NWTF-sanctioned shooting event in your area by clicking here.



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