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NWTF Recognizes New Slams, Pins

Beginning in January 2007, hunters will be able to register two additional slams: Mexican and Canadian.

Mexican Slam consists of the following birds harvested in Mexico only: Rio Grande, Gould's and Ocellated.Canadian Slam consists of harvesting the Eastern and Merriam's bird in the following provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Mantoba, Alberta or British Columbia.

After registering, hunters will receive an 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch certificate as well as a Canadian Slam lapel pin or Mexican Slam lapel pin. The cost to register each bird is $10.

Also, beginning in January 2007, there will be a new look for the Grand, Royal and World Slam pin. Along with the lapel pin reflecting the slam, it will also reflect the method used to harvest the turkey: muzzleloader or bow. The modern firearm will not be reflected on the lapel pin just the muzzleloader or bow kill.

To receive the slam pins reflecting muzzleloader or bow, all subspecies harvested toward slam must have been harvested with one particular sporting arm, it cannot be a mixture.

To view the Wild Turkey Records page and find out how to register your bird, click here.



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