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White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy Meets in October

Photo Credit: National Wild Turkey Federation
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As hunters prepare for the upcoming fall season, conservation leaders and government decision-makers will meet Oct.1 through Oct. 3 in Reno, Nev., to chart the future of wildlife and hunting in North America.

Created through a Presidential Executive Order, the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy will use the values and lessons from a century of conservation success and will involve input from the hunting and conservation community.

This meeting is the first time since Theodore Roosevelt that a President has determined that wildlife conservation and America's hunting heritage are important enough to bring together those who have a stake in these issues to craft a strategy that will take us through the next decade.

"Hunters have a deep respect and understanding for wildlife," said George Thornton, National Wild Turkey Federation CEO. "This conference will allow those who are most interested in wildlife and conservation a voice in the planning of their future."

The approximate 1,000 attendees will receive invitations from the White House to discuss wildlife management at the state, tribal and federal levels; conserving and managing habitat while addressing energy development and climate change; funding for wildlife conservation; continuing hunting traditions; and developing an action plan for the future of wildlife conservation and hunting.

It has been more than 30 years since a national strategic plan for hunting and conservation has been developed. This conference, held when hunters across the country are gearing up for the season, is a major step toward ensuring the future of wildlife populations and America's rich hunting tradition.



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