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Caldwell XLA Bipod Provides Rock-solid Stability

When it comes to wing shooting, I'm a pretty good shot. But for some reason I'm an inconsistent shot with a rifle.

Actually, make that past-tense - I used to be pretty inconsistent. I recently tried the Caldwell XLA Bipod on both my .243 Mossberg rifle and .50 caliber CVA muzzleloader. This model extends from 13.5 inches to 27 inches and has a pivoting rest that allows you to adjust for uneven ground.

Because this bipod gives me rock-solid stability on the front of the gun, I was able to greatly reduce my 100-yard groupings from 6 inches on a bench down to about 2.5 inches with the bipod. That's a considerable difference in just a couple rounds of practice.

I credit the improvement to the stability from the Caldwell XLA Bipod. It has numerous features I found helpful, including:

  • Quick and easy attachment to the front sling swivel stud on both my rifles tested.
  • Limbs deploy quickly with spring-loaded legs that go to the shooting position with the touch of a button.
  • Notched legs that allow you to easily extend the legs to the same length instead of adjusting by trial and error.
  • Camouflage limbs make for easy concealment
  • It weighs only 19 ounces.

One additional benefit of using a bipod - it is a big help for hunters who have trouble holding and steadying a rifle. I asked my 11-year-old son to test fire the gun with the Caldwell XLA Bipod. He found it much easier to get comfortable and was able to quickly deliver two well-placed rounds that would have brought down any trophy white-tail.

Information on Caldwell XLA Bipods from Battenfeld Technologies is available online and from other retailers.

Brent Lawrence

NWTF PR Director



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