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Membership Recruiting Nets Success for Strong Illinois Chapter

Who would have thought that one of the best of the best in Illinois, the Mississippi Valley Gobblers South Chapter, could get any better?

Over the past nearly 20 years under the leadership of Harold Runge, this Illinois Chapter, located in Milan, Ill., has received just about every award you can imagine. But they didn't rest on its laurels.

No, new chapter president Greg Shafer continued the tradition of excellence and made volunteer recruitment a success.

Thanks to that effort, this year's Hunting Heritage Banquet, held on March 8, finished more than $12,000 net ahead of last year's event. And, with six new committee members on board, next year promises to be even better!

"It was easy to see the secret to their recruitment success," NWTF District Field Supervisor Shawn McWilliams said. "Recruitment was a focus in everything they did. From devoted recruitment meetings to a presence focused on trying to recruit new volunteers at a local sports show, recruiting new committee members was their focus this year."

And their successful recruitment efforts show in more places than just their financial performance. Now, thanks to six additional volunteers, they are reaping the benefits of a more developed committee.

Everyone has a role to play, and the burden doesn't fall on the shoulders of a select few. That makes being a part of the Mississippi Valley Gobblers South Chapter a more enjoyable experience for everyone associated.

To learn more about volunteer recruitment - the first step to helping support the NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative - talk to your regional NWTF representative.

More volunteers mean more money, more members and more success with our mission!



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