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DrawerVault Review

Safety is the top priority of every gun owner and GunVault's DrawerVault ensures that no unauthorized people will have access to your self-defense pistol. DrawerVault secures your pistol while allowing for quick access to your firearm without any fumbling for keys.

The DrawerVault is made from tamper-proof, 18-gauge steel and has a foam-lined interior to protect your pistol and other valuables. The safe, 12 inches long by 10 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall, has plenty of room for a pistol, spare magazines, flashlight and other small items, such as a passport or financial documents.

The DrawerVault is designed to fit in most standard drawers. I had no problem finding a place to stash the vault in my dresser, in fact my dress socks have never been safer.

There are two ways to open the DrawerVault. GunVault's patented No-Eyes keypad allows you to create a personalized passcode to open the vault. Programing the code was a snap and about one minute after inserting the single 9v battery, the DrawerVault was ready to go. A nice touch added by GunVault is that the safe has a low battery indicator so you know when it is time to change the battery.

As a failsafe, the DrawerVault includes a set of keys that will open the safe. This allows you access in case of battery failure and allows you to reprogram your code in case you ever forget it.

The spring-loaded door has a high-strength lock mechanism designed to work time after time. When the door is opened, the spring mechanism gently pops the door up. The only sight inconvenience is that the spring-loaded lid creates a tiny bit of movement in the lid when pushing buttons. It doesn't impair the function of the vault, and the buttons work every time. However, it is easily solved by simply applying a little pressure to the lid when entering your code.

As the gun debate takes place across the country, it is incumbent on gun owners to do everything in our power to keep our firearms secure. The DrawerVault is a great solution that balances security with quick access for personal defense.



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