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The WonderFunnel Review

The WonderFunnel is a food-grade oil filter system that deserves a spot in every sporting chef's kitchen. If you are like me, when you fry, the oil used measures in gallons instead of quarts. Whether it is a fish fry for a bunch of fishing pals or a holiday turkey fry for the family, filtering extends the life of your oil and improves the flavor of the food when cooking with used oil. In addition, with the cost of peanut oil running up to $50 for a 3-gallon jug, you want to get every bit of frying use out of it. I used to rig a homemade filter using paper towels or coffee filters in a two-liter bottle with the bottom cut out of it and the opening taped to the oil jug. I had to make my own, since most food-grade kitchen filters had a short tip and kept falling off the jug — making a mess every time I filtered cooking oil. The homemade filter was usable at best, but usually resulted in a gooey mess of used filters drips and spills. Th WonderFunnel is much better than what I could make on my own.

The 10-inch Turkey Fry Funnel Set features a reusable filter and removable tip that allows the cook to custom-fit oil lids larger than 2-inches wide. A secure funnel means fewer spills and easy filtering. Drill a 1-1/8-inch hole in the top center of the oil lid, then a 1/8-inch vent hole near the lid's edge. Insert the threaded funnel into the lid hole, screw the tip into place and trap the lid securely. Screw the funnel lid combination on the oil jug and you are almost ready to filter. Spread filter over top of funnel, so that it covers all the edges of the funnel. Release net at funnel handles to allow grease to pool in the center of the filter and not spill out over the sides of the funnel. Pour the cool grease slowly through the filter.

I keep my filtered oil in the freezer, using it when needed. The handy filter allows multiple reuses of cooking oil and definitely saves money. This is great, since I enjoy using pricey peanut oil when cooking fish, turkeys and potatoes for special occasions.

The funnel is dishwasher safe in the top rack, and the reusable filter cleans up easily in a tub of soapy water. For only $19.95, the WonderFunnel will pay for itself with a single-reuse of a batch of oil.

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