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Supporting Habitat Improvements and Public Hunting

The Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota offer unique public hunting and outdoor opportunities for sportsmen all across the nation. Protecting the Black Hills is a powerful tool to save the hunt for future generations.

That is why the NWTF is working to hire a forester dedicated to proactive management of forests in the Black Hills. 

The NWTF is utilizing a crowdfunding website, CrowdTilt, to help fund this forester and the resulting improvements to habitat. This allows numerous people to come together with small donations for a common goal to make a big impact.

With crowdfunding, a worthy project is submitted for support with a minimum funding goal, in this case $10,000. Individuals who support the project are able to pledge a contribution towards that goal.

However, donors do not pay the donation until the project meets the $10,000 goal. It is an “all or nothing” proposition with donors paying once they are assured that enough funding has been raised to make the project successful.

If you are interested in supporting the improvement of forest habitat in one of the premier public hunting locations for Merriam’s wild turkeys, please consider reviewing the full project description and donating to the NWTF Black Hills project on CrowdTilt.



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