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Marathon General Purpose Quartz Watch with Date Review

Sometimes the best answer is the simplest answer. A General Purpose Quartz Watch with Date from Marathon Watch Company fits the bill perfectly this turkey season.

I haven’t owned a wrist watch in more than a decade. Once I joined the ranks of cell phone owners, I ditched the watch and used my phone to tell time. However, when it comes to the turkey woods only having a cell phone can be a real inconvenience, especially once I transitioned to a smart phone.

If I checked the time on my cell phone in the morning, it lit up like a beacon. When I checked how long I had been at a set up, I had to dig my phone out of my pocket. I will even admit that once I had my phone out, I was easily tempted to check email or read a news story instead of paying attention.

That is why I decided it was time to inject a little old-school technology back into my hunting life with a wrist watch from Marathon Watch Company. Marathon Watch Company manufactures and supplies watches to the U.S. government and its watches are manufactured in accordance with specific standards for watch performance. In fact, Marathon makes the only watches on the Department of Defense’s Qualified Products List and is the only official military-issue watchmaker.

I have large wrists and the watch is the perfect size for me. However, if you have small wrists it might feel a little large. The watch is perfect for hunting, featuring a black watch face with markings for both standard and military time, a second hand and a comfortable black nylon strap. The watch has a rugged fibreshell and is waterproof to more than 90 feet.

My favorite part of the watch is the illuminated hands and watch face markings. The light sources are self-lighting tritium tubes, using the same material utilized in many night sights for handguns. This material glows without any need to charge it with an outside light source, which means no more holding your watch up to the dome light of your car before heading to the woods. The marker at the 12 position is a different color and makes telling time much easier in the dark.

The watch allows you to stop the movement of the hands if you are not going to wear it for some time, extending the battery life. It also has an End of Life feature where second hand advances in 4-second increments when the battery needs replacing.

I loved hunting with a watch this spring and think it made me a more attentive hunter. The Marathon General Purpose Quartz Watch took some lickings and just kept on ticking.



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