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It's My NWTF: Art Mott

From teaching hunter safety to trapping nuisance alligators, longtime NWTF volunteer Art Mott of Silver Creek, Miss., continues to serve his community in many ways.

NWTF: Art, you’ve been an NWTF member since the 80s. What’s kept you so committed to the NWTF for so long?
Art Mott: Well I’m an avid turkey hunter and throughout the years, I’ve hunted all over the place and killed a lot of turkeys so I just like to give back to something the good Lord created — the wild turkey — and to my community. I now serve as the chapter president for the Lawrence County NWTF Chapter.

NWTF: You do a lot of things for your community. Tell us what all you’re up to.
AM: I’m the trapper for the game and fish commission here, and I participate in a lot of their events. I’ll teach gun safety or boating safety. I just enjoy meeting people and sharing a little of bit of the wisdom I’ve gained over the years with the kids and try to help teach them right from wrong.

NWTF: And you were also on Primos’ Pro Staff for a long time, right?
AM: Yes, I was. I’ve been blessed to hunt wildlife all over the United States from ducks, to antelopes, to deer and so much more.

NWTF: What other kind of outdoor activities do you do? I’ve heard you catfish noodle.
AM: I do. I do a lot of hand grabbing. I do that a whole lot actually. I'm real found of fishing. I catch nuisance alligators like the people on “Swamp People” do. I may get a telephone call at 1:30 am to catch a nuisance alligator. I love to deer hunt. My passion is bowhunting deer. I also bowfish.

There’s really not much I don’t do outside, to be honest with you. As far as outdoor sports, I love to do it all. I’m retired and the Lord’s blessed me with good health so that’s what I do. I travel around and hunt a few states during turkey season. Or I’ll go duck hunting in North Dakota. I do whatever I can do be in the outdoors.

NWTF: Who introduced you to the outdoors?
AM: My dad introduced me to fishing. He wasn’t a big hunter but my older brother got me started rabbit hunting and then as I got older, a group of guys that I grew up with would get together and pretty much live in the woods hunting fishing and sharing a great love for the outdoors.

NWTF: You’ve gotten your family involved in the outdoors and on the committee for your NWTF chapter.
AM: Oh yes, my wife’s a big deer hunter. My two daughters hunt.
My youngest daughter Danyelle kills big bucks every year. I’d put her in the woods with anybody. My son-in-law, who is like my son, is a big hunter. He owns his own business, so he’ll come help me catch alligators. If he’s not working, he’s tagging along everywhere I go. It’s all a family affair. We all go to deer camp together every year as long as it’s open from beginning to end. My granddaughter Faith, who is 5 years old, even killed a really nice big buck at hunt camp this year. Then we all work on the NWTF committee together.

NWTF: What do you think makes your chapter so successful?
AM: The committee members. I have some really great committee members, and not just my family members, but at least a good dozen others who get out and beat the bushes and gets sponsors for our banquet. We average 30 to 35 sponsors every year.

Our community is a really tight community. Everybody in the county pretty much knows one another. And we have a lot of hunters in the community so between that and the fact that we have such great committee members, our chapter is usually successful every year.

NWTF: Art, are you concerned about the future of hunting?
AM: It does concern me a bit. There’s so much negativity on television these days but I’m a positive person so I truly believe that no matter how bad our politicians
are, the good Lord is looking over this great nation and He’s going to look out for us. I believe He’s given us the NWTF, the NRA and other organizations to help us fight to keep our hunting rights, so that’s why it’s so important we support these organizations.

NWTF: What do you think about the NWTFs new Save the Habit. initiative?
AM: I really appreciate the NWTF’s leaders who have come up with an initiative that’s appropriate for the time we’re living in that will take us into the next 40 years. I support the initiative 100 percent and believe it’s a good thing. I really do.

I’ve always loved the NWTF and thought that it’s an upstanding organization so I support whatever the NWTF does and am glad to be a part of it.



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