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The Next Generation of Leaders: NWTF College Chapters

The Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is focused on creating future generations of conservationists. Founding NWTF college and university chapters is a great step towards building the leaders of those coming generations.

Recently, a number of NWTF college chapters have been created. This has created far more opportunities than challenges.

College chapters bring a lot to the NWTF’s mission of conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage. These chapters should be viewed as an opportunity to be embraced, not as competition to be suppressed.

In the past some existing local chapters were concerned about competing with college chapters for sponsor members and donors. Thankfully this worry has proven to be unfounded. College chapters and existing NWTF chapters operate in very different social circles and draw support from different groups of individuals and businesses. Chapters can coordinate with one another identify local businesses and sponsors that have an existing relationship with the local chapter to ensure that the college chapter doesn’t approach those sources for support.

In fact, having a college chapter can be a boost to the existing local chapter. It creates a pool of energetic volunteers who are often happy to help with the local chapter’s banquet. Friends and family of college chapter members often become NWTF supporters, which includes supporting the existing local chapter and its banquet.

When college chapter members graduate they often take their passion for the NWTF with them, joining the local NWTF chapter in their new home. Building NWTF college chapters is creating a farm team for not only the chapters that share a town with a college chapter, but also for chapters across the nation.

Creating college chapters is a powerful tool to help cultivate the next generation of conservation leaders.



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