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Many Hands Make Light Work

The proverb "Many hands make light work" applies to the efforts of NWTF volunteers as they hold banquets and raise the funds needed to drive our mission.

One of the foundations of a successful banquet is a large and committed committee. Many NWTF chapters have searched for ways to expand their committees and often the key is empowering volunteers to be active leaders in the process.

Encouraging and empowering leadership is more than just assigning tasks to specific people. Here are a few tips to create an atmosphere where people can thrive and grow:

  • Instead of just establishing a relationship with committee members through an occasional email, develop an ongoing personal relationship that leads to trust and cooperation
  • Instead of responding to questions and issues, initiate conversations that get other members to participate in problem solving
  • Instead of focusing only on keeping your commitments to the committee, find new people who also can contribute to the effort

Committees with dedicated volunteer leaders aren't dependent on a handful of people; they are effective teams. Therefore, the chapter's success is not limited by a lack of critical resources, such as volunteer time.

Before the minutia of planning your next banquet overtakes you, take some time to identify other volunteers and gather those many hands that make light work.



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