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40 Ways You Can Get Involved in the NWTF

  1. Chances are if you’re reading this newsletter, you’re already an NWTF member. But did you know that not only do membership fees support the NWTF mission, members receive discounts on products and services?

  2. Already plugged in to the NWTF flock? Sign up a friend or upgrade your membership and commitment to conservation.

  3. Participate in local NWTF events and connect with hunters and conservationists in your area. Discover what’s happening in your area at

  4. Visit the Winchester Museum.

  5. Become an NWTF volunteer. Learn how you can make a positive impact through our new Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative by contacting your NWTF regional staff representative.

  6. Participate in NWTF sponsored turkey shoots and archery competitions. Find one in your state on our website.

  7. Involve your community group (i.e. Boy Scouts, 4-H, garden club, etc.) in the NWTF to get a new perspective on conservation.

  8. Encourage young folks to join in JAKES and Xtreme JAKES activities to learn proper, safe hunting techniques, gun safety and the benefits of both on wildlife conservation.

  9. Visit Turkey Shoppe on Main in downtown Edgefield, S.C., for hunting gear, clothing, guns and ammo.

  10. Can’t make the trip to Edgefield? Browse an even wider selection of gear and NWTF logo wear at

  11. Promote your business by advertising in Turkey Country. Got turkey calls, wildlife art or land for sale? Post them in Buy, Sell, Exchange at the back of the book.

  12. Experience the NWTF’s annual convention in Nashville, Tenn. Participate in auctions, watch the best game calling in the country, hear great live bands and discover your role in the new Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative. More details here.

  13. Share the successes of your NWTF local chapter. Send details and photos to the Turkey Country editors, and you could be in the next issue of The Caller.

  14. While you’re at it, send photos of your hunting trophies. It’s easy when you visit

  15. Participate in turkey calling contests hosted by the NWTF as a competitor or simply an onlooker. Either way, you’ll hone your calling skills. Visit our website for events near you.

  16. Encourage kids to apply for the JAKES pro staff. Pro staffers review products for the magazine and get to share their hunting stories online and through social media. Apply online at

  17. Tune in to the Pursuit Channel and watch “NWTF 365” and “Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” TV for action-packed hunts and learn how conservation and hunting go hand-in-hand. Both shows air on DirecTV and Dish Network.

  18. Sponsor an event for disabled hunters through the Wheelin’ Sportsmen program.

  19. Have a “girl’s day out” at a Women in the Outdoors event.

  20. Help save the hunt by becoming a hunting mentor.

  21. Take a hunter education class through the NWTF and learn how to be safe and effective in the field. Go one step further and become a hunter education instructor to help create the next generation of safe hunters.

  22. Plant seed that supports wildlife and creates better habitat. Buy a variety of mixes at

  23. Ask your local chapter representative about its conservation seed program and plant seed that would otherwise go to waste to sustain wildlife.

  24. Become a member of the Full Strut Club by including the NWTF in your will.

  25. Learn the many ways of planned giving to support the NWTF. Contact for more information.

  26. Be featured in the NWTF Legacy ad in Turkey Country magazine by donating a gift in memory of a turkey or conservation enthusiast.

  27. Become a corporate sponsor or license your product with the NWTF.

  28. Teachers can incorporate a “Wild About Turkeys” lesson plan into their science curriculum to educate children on the wild turkey’s history.

  29. Purchase an NWTF Education Box and donate it to the school of your choice, but donít stop there; education boxes also can be donated to museums, parks and nature centers to further spread conservation education.

  30. Become an education volunteer and use your turkey knowledge in classroom presentations.

  31. NWTF chapters and individuals can sponsor an exhibit in the Winchester Museum, including the upcoming History of the NWTF exhibit.

  32. Spread the news of the Conservation Challenge Patch to local Boy Scout leaders, and get scouts focused on learning the shooting sports and hunter education.

  33. Local NWTF chapters can invite scout troops to JAKES events to earn merit badge requirements.

  34. Young adults who are NWTF members can apply for NWTF scholarships of up to $10,000 to further their education.

  35. Download the NWTF smartphone app and take us wherever you go.

  36. Follow the NWTF on Facebook and Twitter and join a growing network of hunters and conservationists.

  37. Stay up to date on NWTF successes in your state. Visit to find your state information flyer.

  38. Sign up for the NWTF e-Newsletter to stay in the loop of NWTF and hunting industry news.

  39. Start an NWTF upland chapter to help quail, pheasants, turkeys and a variety of upland species. Find out more at

  40. Keep your contact information and NWTF membership current so you don’t miss a beat.



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