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Cabela’s Turkey Calls

Cabela’s SLT = Second Language: Turkey

When Cabela’s set out to build their signature line of turkey calls, the goal was to deliver a series of calls that perfectly mimicked true hen vocalizations through the entire range of volumes and frequencies.

Cabela’s SLT series of box, pot and mouth calls are built using the finest materials, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the highest quality. These calls should provide you with years of reliable service and all of the calls are made in the USA.

Box calls

Cabela’s produced three different SLT box calls for 2014.

The 4-in-1 Box Call is the most versatile, featuring a cherry lid and purpleheart wood over a purpleheart and mahogany box. Both ends of the box are drilled and tapped, making the lid reversible and able to produce four different sounds.

The Cut-Down Boat Paddle Box Call delivers tremendous volume and is extremely effective on the loudest cuts and cackles. Paring a purpleheart lid over a maple box produces the full range of turkey vocalizations.
Cabela’s 1-Sided Box Call features a Brazilian cherry lid over a single-piece Mahogany box. This wood produces a consistent raspy sound that is easy to mater.

Pot calls

The SLT Slate Pot Call obviously features slate, the oldest calling surface used for pot calls, and sits over a cherry pot, producing a nice, mellow sound. This great go-to call is easy to run and is paired with a single-piece, flare-tip hickory striker to produce true-to-life sounds.

The unique design of the Glass Pot Call allows it to produce high-pitched, crisp loud or soft calls. The call features a pre-scuffed glass over a cherry pot with a single-piece, flared tip, hickory striker.

The Aluminum Pot Call is designed to cut through the heaviest fog, foliage or humidity. The aluminum sits over a cherry pot and includes a single-piece, flare-tip hickory striker.

Mouth calls

All of Cabela’s SLT diaphragm calls are made using a unique blend of specialty rubber and each of the five styles of mouth calls are available in a smaller version for callers with a narrow palate.

The Batwing Triple is raspy, making it an excellent choice for producing soft purrs and the strongest cuts and cackles.

The V-Triple diaphragm is the most popular and versatile cut. It creates a great raspy hen sound and is very user friendly.

The SLT V-Double is a two-reed diamond cut call that produces great raspy hen sounds and is easy to blow. It is a good soft-to-mid-range call.

The Straight Double mouth call produces a clear sound and can be used as a spring or fall call. This user-friendly call is also ideal for kee-kee runs.

The Combo Triple call is a versatile combination cut that combines two great cuts in one mouth call.

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