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And the Winner is...

Josh Kullen, an Iowa resident and NWTF member, won the Nebraska Turkey Hunt Contest from NWTF and Powderhook.

“Winning the contest is something that a person like me could only dream of. This is just amazing,” said the elated Kullen.

Kullen recently signed up as an NWTF member and is already deeply involved with his local chapter, the NE Iowa Longbeards.

When Kullen first heard about the contest and began exploring the Powderhook website, he was surprised to see all the hunting opportunities around him.

“It is great that all the information that I need is in one place. I was driving past public land spots every day without knowing they existed,” he said. “I can see this site being very beneficial for hunters like myself who have gotten into hunting on their own.”

Congratulations on winning the contest and good luck on your hunt!



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