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Weatherby: The Guns of Wine Country

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Last spring, I hunted with the folks from Weatherby in the wine-country paradise of Paso Robles, Calif.

Based out of Camp 5 Outfitters — operated by Doug Roth — I had the opportunity to shoot several of Weatherby’s fine shotguns and rifles for a variety of game.

The Vanguard Series 2, chambered in .30-06 Springfield, proved to be an excellent long-range and short-range gun and allowed me to take a coyote at 193 yards and a 250-pound Russian boar at 75 yards without adjusting my hold. The Vanguard’s match-quality, two-stage trigger is creep-free and very crisp.

For ground squirrels, I shot a high-grade Mark V Deluxe chambered in .240 Weatherby. Though factory-built, it is a custom rifle to its core. It’s beautifully-grained wood combined with highly-polished rich bluing and sub-minute-of-angle accuracy made it difficult to give back after the hunt. The .240 Weatherby cartridge is a bit over powered for ground squirrels, but the opportunity arose so we used what we had.

The 12-gauge PA-459 Turkey gun proved just as effective, allowing me to bag a nice Cali Rio at 20 yards. This pump is based on their tactical line and features a pistol-grip stock and extended fore-end for added stability. A ghost-ring rear sight, combined with the AR-15-style front post are excellent for targeting turkeys, though a head hold as opposed to a neck hold will keep you from shooting low.

For put-and-take chukars, I carried the lightweight 20-ga., semi-automatic SA-08 Deluxe, which shouldered naturally and pointed true. While I’m not an expert wingshot, this shotgun gave me a lot of confidence and made me look better than I truly am.

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— Matt Lindler, editor of JAKES Country magazine



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