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Shooting Straight

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Getting ready for turkey season takes practice, too. If you are a beginning turkey hunter, besides sitting still, one of the hardest parts of learning the sport is learning how to shoot from a sitting position.

Practicing shooting from a turkey seat and in hunting situations will make you a better shot and a safer hunter. The best way to learn how to shoot a turkey gun is to start light. Set up a turkey target in an area with a clear backdrop and practice shooting at it with your BB gun. Turkey shotguns shoot very much like a rifle. The special chokes that you screw into the muzzle of your shotgun make the shot patterns very tight, so you have to aim very carefully.

By practicing with your BB gun, with the help of an adult, you can get the feel of turkey hunting and used to aiming at a small target. Once you get the hang of hit, move up to your shotgun and practice with it.

Remember, though, you have to be very safe while shooting. Never shoot or handle a gun without a parent or guardian helping you and always wear eye and ear protection. Safe Hunting!



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