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Wingbone Wingding

The oldest turkey call ever known was used over 5,000 years ago by American Indians. The wingbone call is simple to make and fairly easy to use and can make an exciting experience for hunters who call in a bird using a call they made themselves.

Wingbones come in a variety of combinations ranging from the single-bone call to the double bone call to the triple. People combine wing bones with cow horns or deer antlers and a wide range of other materials to get the sounds they want. The easiest way to use a wingbone is to put the tip of the small bone between your lips and make a kissing sound. You'll get a weird sound at first, but keep trying. If you don't get a sound, pull the tip out slightly and try it again.

It takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can make sounds that are pure turkey. People who have perfected the wingbone call can make yelps, kee-kees, purrs and even gobbles. Check out the neat project on the next page to learn how to make your own wingbone call!



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