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A Woman Hunter Is?

"To me, a woman hunter is someone who is in touch with nature and her surroundings. Too many times, I think, today's world is so urban. You don't get out into nature. Hunting is not all about harvesting an animal; it's about being in touch with nature. It's about being more aware of her surroundings, more aware of how the world works, more aware of God's plan. "When a woman hunter goes to the grocery store and sees that little package of meat that's neatly wrapped in cellophane, she's more in tune with how it got there. A woman hunter is more grounded in reality, how the world works."
Michele Crummer
Silver Creek, Georgia
Operations Manager at Muzzy Products

"I feel a woman hunter is ready for a challenge. When you go out hunting it's not the same way every time. Each time is a challenge. Are you going to see something? Are you not going to see something? Am I going to be able to shoot at it? It's never the same when you go hunting."
Gladys Strauss
Andover, Ohio
Part-time bank teller

"A woman hunter is supportive of other women hunters. I think with women, there tends not to be so much of that competitive edge. Women tend to think that it doesn't matter how big the game is; it's more about fulfilling your accomplishment and doing the hunt correctly. Men tend to have a real strong competitive edge. They want to do better than the next guy. Women just want to do well and support each other with what we're doing. They are happy for you that you did it and did it right."
Charlotte Gaylord
Fort Madison, Iowa
Full-time taxidermist who owns an archery pro shop

"I think a woman hunter is up and coming. Companies are starting to get women sizes in hunting clothes and hunting boots. White Oak Plantation hosts an all-women hunt ? probably one of the few around. We're finally starting to get opportunities opened up for us. And everybody seems to be supportive of us."
Karin Wilsey
Montrose, Iowa
Full-time intensive-care nurse

"A woman hunter does what comes naturally. She's bringing home food for her family, if that's what she chooses to do. She's improving all of her skills, enjoying nature, being strong and active. Also, a woman hunter is joining the world of conservation. I think a woman understands what it means to conserve. If they've ever had to do without for a while, they understand that you have to protect that resource for the future."
Gita Handley
Montgomery, Alabama
Editor at Buckmasters

"A woman hunter is more at home in nature than most other people. To be comfortable to go out into the woods by yourself and be hiking around, or to be in a treestand for hours is very peaceful."
Doris Eaton
Salem, Oregon
Owns an archery shop with her husband

"A woman hunter is a special breed among ourselves-a person who enjoys nature, enjoys getting out and seeing wildlife. I have more fun sitting at my stand watching squirrels and their antics and watching the deer come in and seeing how they react to different situations. I get to see a variety of different animals that people would normally never see."
Fran Zerbato
Newcastle, Colorado

"A woman hunter likes to share nature with her family. I enjoy hunting myself. And I have a son and husband also involved. I have another eight-year-old that's looking forward to going. We've been taking him out and letting him see the squirrels and turkeys in the woods, getting him prepared."
Tina Stidham
Charlestown, Indiana
Sells flooring

"A woman hunter is self loving. I think you really have to care about yourself to be able to appreciate the beauty in other things. If you don't care about yourself, you don't care about nature. A woman needs time away to regroup and forget about the kids, the job, the house-just to get out and recharge her batteries. I go out in the woods, and whether I see anything or not, I come back fully charged and ready to go. I feel like I had time to myself and thought through a lot of things I didn't have time to think about during the workday."
Linda Owen
Gulfport, Mississippi
Shoots target archery professionally as a "side job" to her 40-hour workweek.

These quotes were gathered by Karen Lee at the annual Does And Bows hunt at White Oak Plantation in Tuskegee, Ala. For more information on this special bow hunt for women call Robert or Hilda Pitman at (334) 727-9258 or email them at



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