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By: James Powell

Every once in a while, I find a web site with real value, one that has good information and a good story.

While searching the Internet recently, I stumbled on a site that fits the bill. I'd been trying all day to gather a list of web sites that provide information and products for disabled hunters and anglers. That's when I found Follow Me Outdoors, a site created by Chad Waligura, from El Campo, Texas, a wheelchair warrior himself.

"This site may be the closest you can get to real life hunting and fishing without getting dirty," Chad tells visitors. "Follow me over mountains, through fields, into the woods, across bays, and to the deep blue waters of the open seas in search of wild times. In the heart of southeast Texas, the outdoorsmen and the hunt live on."

Any armchair reader can kick back and enjoy Chad's hunting and fishing experiences without ever leaving the house. Don't get too comfortable, though. It's a wild ride to say the least--bailing out of an airplane at about 1,500 feet, romping the rolling Nebraska plains for a Merriam's turkey, and laying a rifle bead on a big muley in west Texas. From there, it only gets better. He's a real daredevil, but you'll have to find out for yourself--

Check this site out; you'll find yourself spending a good while there and bookmarking it for future use.

Alabama's Hunting & Fishing Trail For People With Disabilities

Another useful Web site is Alabama's Hunting & Fishing Trail You'll find lists of hunting, fishing and shooting spots in Alabama that are disabled-friendly, and a map that shows each location.

It's a simple site with no bells or whistles, but it helps get the job done when you're planning a trip outdoors.

Most states offer similar information, either on their web sites, in their hunting and fishing regulations manual, or both. Don't overlook a good resource; contact your state for information on accessible sites and get outdoors.



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