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Push Button Yelpers

For the beginning or experienced turkey hunter, the easiest-to-use turkey call is the push-button yelper.

The push-button, or button yelper, is as simple as pushing a spring-loaded sliding peg into a hole. When the peg moves back and forth, a small slate, plastic, aluminum or wood friction surface (paddle) rubs across a built-in wood striker.

The button yelper makes terrific yelps, clucks, purrs and cutts and is simple to master. Full strokes of the peg make yelps, while short taps make clucks. Push the peg in real slow and it makes great purrs.

The great thing about button yelpers is you can work it with only one hand. You can even buy one that mounts to your gun, so you can use it to draw a gobbler to within gun range while never keeping him out of your sights.



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