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Tube Calls

By: Matt Lindler

The tube call can make every sound in a turkey's vocabulary from yelps to purrs to gobbles. Using a tube call takes a lot of practice and lots of patience, but once mastered, it's hard to switch back to any other kind of call.

A tube call is a very simple device, which you can actually make at home. It is a tube with latex stretched over the calling end. The first patented commercial tube call was made by call maker Kenny Morgan of Morgan's Turkey Callers in 1972. Commercial tube calls are refined and tuned to give the user the best possible sounds. The sounds are made when you blow air over the stretched latex, which vibrates and makes the turkey sounds.

By moving your lips over the latex and moving your jaw up and down, you can change the pitch and tone of the sounds. With a little practice, you'll be calling in longbeards in no time!

Tube Call Tips

Making a tube call is a simple process and you can use things you have right around your house.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Help from an adult

  • A Kodak 35mm plastic film container or clean pill bottle about the same size

  • A powderless latex glove

  • A sharp knife

  • A pair of scissors

With the help of an adult, cut off the bottom of the film canister or pill bottle, then cut a half circle in the lid. With the scissors, have an adult cut a three-inch by two-inch strip of latex from the glove. Place strip of latex over the top of the canister so that it lines up with the hole in the cap. The cap will hold the latex in place. You may have to stretch or loosen the latex in order to get the sounds you want. With a little practice, you'll be calling in gobblers in no time!



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