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Women's Gear Guide: Deer Hunting

Every year, more women are heading to the woods to hunt. Some to spend time with families, some to put meat on the table and some are trying out the sport they've heard so much about for the very first time.

Before heading to the woods this fall in search of that trophy buck, check out our list of essentials to keep you comfortable and safe.


  • Wear clothing fitted for women that is loose enough to effortlessly draw a bow, shoulder a rifle or climb up to a tree stand. Apparel should be lightweight, quiet yet sturdy and made of a low-nap fabric that resists clingy vegetation while walking through the woods. Whether you hunt in timber, brush, wetland or the snowy high country, there's a camouflage pattern right for you at Foxy Huntress.

  • Hunting boots need to be waterproof, yet breathable for dryness and comfort, have ankle support for walking on uneven ground and have tread that provides traction and releases debris easily to keep boots light.

  • Silk is a great material for your undergarments. It's a breathable, itch-free material that draws away body moisture when a frigid morning turns into a warm day.

  • A camouflage shirt and trousers may be enough for early-season hunting. As it gets colder in the late season, layer with a waterproof, insulated field jacket and bib or coveralls.

  • Gloves should be camouflaged to conceal movement, waterproof and offer maximum grip and finger movement. Insulated gloves are good for colder days.

  • Camouflage hats are available with an attached mesh mask for extra concealment and bug protection. Hats with hoods and insulated earflaps provide extra warmth.

  • A blaze-orange vest should be worn for safety while deer hunting. Check your state's regulations to find out the number of square inches of blaze orange that is required; you may also need to wear a blaze orange hat.


  • Select a bow or rifle you are comfortable with. Attain the appropriate licenses and required tags.

  • Get a copy of the state's current hunting regulations and become familiar with them. Take a hunter safety course to help you become a safe, respectful hunter; a hunter safety card allows you to hunt anywhere in the nation.

  • Choose a manageable deer stand style for your hunting needs. Varieties include the climber tree stand, ladder stand, tower stand and tripods. Most stands include an optional blind and roof for maximum concealment and weather protection.

  • Always wear a full-body, fall arrest system when hunting above the ground.

  • Use a camouflage seat cushion to keep comfortable and warm in the deer stand or on the ground.

  • Wear a camouflage fanny pack with multiple pockets for small gear and a water bottle. Packs are great for carrying first aid items, a flashlight, compass and map, multi-tool, pruners, buck lure and scent killer, calls, binoculars, etc.



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