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Survival Savvy

"Be prepared." The Boy Scouts' motto should be a motto for every person who spends time afield. Being prepared for little things that might pop up while you are in the woods can make the difference between enjoying your outdoor experience or not.

Take the time to make a survival pack, a small backpack or fanny pack that has essentials to keep you comfortable in case an emergency arises. Packing a little extra food and water, something to keep you warm and a few other items can go a long way toward ensuring you come out of the woods alive and healthy.

Make sure you take the time to check the weather forecast and bring clothing appropriate for about any kind of weather. Never go afield without telling someone where you are going and when you will be back. If you get lost, stay put.

Find a tree or rock and make yourself a camp or fort there. If you hear sounds of people, an airplane or helicopter, move into the open and wave your arms. Blowing a whistle three times is louder than shouting.

Enjoying the outdoors takes responsibility and planning. By being prepared, your time outdoors can make wonderful memories that will last the rest of your life.

Safe Hunting!

Building a survival kit, cheap

Ages 3-8:
What you'll need:

1. A fanny pack or small backpack with water bottle holders
2. A plastic flashlight with fresh batteries
3. A SPACE blanket
4. A brightly-colored flag or handkerchief
5. A plastic whistle
6. A couple of snap lights
7. A stocking cap
8. A favorite toy
9. Extra candy, fruit and beef jerky
10. Extra water

Ages 8-up:
What you'll need: All of the items listed above, plus the following,

1. Water-proof matches or a fire starter
2. A compass
3. A map of the area
4. A bar of soap
5. A small candle
6. A 10-feet-long piece of nylon cord
7. Tissue or wet wipes
8. A small pack of assorted bandages or a small first-aid kit
9. A small pocket knife
10. A lighter



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