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Keeping off the chill

A good way to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors during winter is to protect yourself from the cold.

Once you get chilled, a fun outing soon becomes miserable. Stay warm by dressing in layers of clothing, instead of bundling up under one big coat or pair of coveralls. By layering your clothes, as the day gets warmer, you can take off a layer at a time to stay comfortable.

Also, if the outside layer gets damp or wet, you can easily take it off and prevent deeper layers from getting wet, too. Wear a pair of water/snow-proof shoes and layer your socks just like your clothes.

Wearing a thin pair of acrylic socks under a thick pair of wool socks draws moisture from your feet and helps keep them warm. A good pair of insulated gloves and a warm hat are also a must. Take these precautions when you enjoy the outdoors and you are sure to ward off the big chill!

Safe hunting!



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