The board is back in town

I know it’s the week of the quarterly national board meeting when I get the office-wide memo to clean up our work areas. Not that we exist in squalor, mind you, but it’s a gesture of putting on your best face. Like brushing your teeth right before a dentist visit. It’s just a nice thing to do.

Plus, I really need an excuse to de-clutter my desk — and my brain.

BEFORE: My cluttered desk is totally representative of my cluttered mind. But that’s about to change. Oh, and please notice the two cups of sweet tea, because just one will NOT get you through a workday.

Although I don’t sit in any of the board sessions or committee meetings, it’s still a time of anticipation. Decisions are made that affect our organization, my job for that matter.

That’s why I hope you will vote in the upcoming election. Information on the candidates is on pages 32 and 33 of the November-December issue of Turkey Country. The ballot is sandwiched between them.

Read up on the six hopefuls. Decide who you think is best for our organization. Vote for three. And walk it to the mailbox. It’s that easy. You don’t even need a stamp!

In the time it takes for you to read this blog entry and place your vote, I’ll have my desk clean and board-visit ready.

Then we’ll both have done our part to make the NWTF run as efficient as possible.

AFTER: Can’t you smell the lemon-scented Pledge? Ahhhh … thank you national board.


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