Where credit is due

No blogger is an island.

It took several people to make Keepin’ Up With Karen a reality. And I’m a firm believer in handing out credit where it is due.

It’s an exercise that will keep me grounded when this blog gig launches me into super stardom. Totally kidding.

Meet the folks who helped get this crazy ride we’re on off the ground:

Go team! Keepin’ Up With Karen is made possible by (left to right) Matt Lindler, Jason Rikard, Karen Lee, Melanie Swearingen and Cliff Williamson Jr. And three cheers for you, blog followers, for making this more than worth our efforts.

Her official title is online content specialist, but I like to call her my director of strategic self-esteem. She’s my daily dose of sunshine at work and made me believe I’m worth listening to. (As in, this blog was her idea.) Melanie is my go-to gal for bouncing around ideas. She keeps me motivated to write and promotes my efforts to the masses. And that’s only a small fraction of what she does for www.nwtf.org and the NWTF’s social media.

Not only did Cliff set up the technical part of the blog, he continuously walks me through remedial Web, as I am legitimately computer challenged. I seriously mess up anything I touch that has a battery or plug, and I’m sure there are days when Cliff wishes he could issue me a chisel and stone tablet. But he’s a super patient fella who tolerates my inadequacies.

He’s the guy who took the mug shot you see at the top of the page, as well as several other images we’ll use in promoting this blog. (You’ll also find a new editor’s message pic in the upcoming issue of Turkey Country, courtesy of Matt as well.) Being photographed is not tops on my list of ways to spend an afternoon, but Matt makes it easy. Before I sound too much like a diva, let me introduce the next guy.

Photoshop is a girl’s best friend, and Jason is the reason why. He takes a good picture and makes it really pop by tweaking the tiniest details. Flyaway hairs? Gone. Pimple on my chin? What pimple on my chin? And my shirts never looked so well pressed. I guess revealing all the gory details defeats the purpose of Photoshop, but my boy deserves the props.

A blog is pointless without viewers. I appreciate you keeping up with me and reading what I have to say. I’m also proud you have shared my blog with others. It means a lot you find worth in my words. Thanks to you and your feedback, I don’t feel like an island at all.

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