Wandering the Halls: Todd Price, graphic designer

When I think of Todd Price, Clemson football, sarcasm and the image of him dressed as a prep for my ‘80s-themed roller skating birthday party pop into my head. He’s not a stereotypical artist, dressed in black, listening to Morrissey and stuff. None of the NWTF’s graphic artists are.

But Todd’s a darn good designer, wrapped in the skin of a family guy wearing a polo shirt, always ready to talk smack about sports, politics or whatever you throw his way.

Todd Price — Don’t let the button-down shirt and American dad persona fool you. This guy’s a raging artist who expresses himself through hunting t-shirt designs and magazine layouts featuring dead animals.

Blogosphere, it’s time to get to know Todd.

OFFICIAL TITLE: senior graphic designer

JOB DESCRIPTION: graphic designer and job giver-outer


WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE YOU CAME TO WORK FOR THE NWTF? I was a graphic designer for Expotechnik, a trade show exhibit company in Atlanta.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? All the projects we get to work on, from logos and fliers to magazine layouts.

WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PART? Short turn-arounds on projects and edits

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I USUALLY SPEND MY LUNCH BREAK…eating and reading on the Internet.

IF YOU WERE A WILD ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? A bear. They fish and sleep.

IF YOU WERE A PLANT, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? A fern. They get to hang out on people’s front porches.

IF YOU WERE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? Thanksgiving. You get to eat and sleep.

I’m starting to see a trend here, Todd. Todd? Are you awake? Todd…

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