Must-see Karen Lee TV

Here’s a little something for those of you who’ve been keeping up with me the past few weeks, wondering if I ever turkey hunt or just yammer about my family, feelings and Christmas trees.

I offer you proof that I can sling a 3½-inch shotshell at a living, breathing bird. Catch me on Outdoor Channel this week. It’s playing reruns of the episode of “Benelli On Assignment” where I take down a turkey in Texas with a Super Vinci.

It airs on the 16th at 9 a.m. (which goes nicely with your second cup of coffee for the day) and a pre-lunch showing on the 17th at 11:30 a.m.

The production company did an excellent job in putting the show together, but I have to say I look like I have a big head — literally, not figuratively. My noggin easily looks twice its normal size.

Now if that doesn’t get your TiVo or DVR going, I don’t know what will.

Anyway, I hope you’ll tune in. And then check out the companion piece I wrote on the hunt in the January-February 2012 issue of Turkey Country. It’s cleverly titled “Hunting for a TV Show,” where I give my inside view on what it takes to make a hunting show happen, including the self-inflicted pressure to shoot something and not look stupid.

One thought on “Must-see Karen Lee TV

  1. First let me say how much I enjoy reading your blog, despite the fact that it rarely involves turkeys, hunting or anything else that really matters! A good writer can keep one reading even when the subject matter (such as your personal office Christmas tree) is utterly pointless! You have a gift.
    Though I am no doctor I was thinking perhaps your TV swollen noggin syndrome could be related to your case of brain constipation you were complaining of in a former blog string. Such a malady could easily cause one’s noggin to become twice it’s normal size…Right? Guess I will get a closer look on my 42″ plasma!