Wandering the Halls: Jamie Hutchinson, associate TV producer

OK, this dude just cracks me up. I got to know Jamie at last year’s national convention when I shared a suite at the Opryland hotel with the TV production crew.

That’s sounds kind of bad, so let’s take a minute to dodge any scandals: It was a last-minute room change. My husband was there. I could lock the door to my part of the suite. There. Are you satisfied?

The point is when you work in close quarters with someone and depend on them to get your job done at an event as big as our convention, you become fast friends.

Jamie is like a ninja when it comes to humor. He delivers these one-liners in such a deadpan tone it leaves you wondering what just transpired. Then a couple seconds later, you realize what he said and begin laughing hysterically.

Just like when he answered the following questions, he said: “I’m opening the window to my soul here, so be gentle.” Priceless…

If TV production ever doesn’t work out for Jamie Hutchinson, I want to hire him to sit in my office and make me laugh every 10 minutes.

OFFICIAL TITLE: associate TV producer

JOB DESCRIPTION: I edit TV shows, video hunts, interview people on camera and do a bit more editing.


WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE YOU CAME TO WORK FOR THE NWTF? I produced television and Web commercials for businesses nice enough to pay me to do so.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? I like meeting new people and working outdoors.

WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PART? Though I realize it’s a necessary evil, I really don’t like getting on and off airplanes. But if that’s my only problem, I’m doing pretty good, right?

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I USUALLY SPEND MY LUNCH BREAK…eating. Should I be doing something else?

IF YOU WERE A WILD ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? I’d be a duck. Any animal that gets to hang out near water and also has the ability to walk, fly or swim is ideal. Plus, if you can find a neighborhood pond, then people will feed you. You just have to quack and look pretty. (Note: I can do both.)

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