Happy trail (mix) to you this holiday season

I’m about to get all Betty Crocker on you, maybe just a little Martha Stewart.

Here’s an idea for a cheap and easy Christmas gift for any outdoorsy type — holiday trail mix.

I realize trail mix isn’t a new concept, and perhaps a Christmas-themed version isn’t either, but I felt pretty crafty coming up with this sweet and salty mixture.

Hope this Christmas gift/snack idea helps you in a pinch or adds a little yumminess to your holiday season.

Throw together salted peanuts, shelled sunflower seeds, cashews, green and red mini M&Ms, dried cranberries and white chocolate chips in whatever combination suits your taste buds.

I scooped it into clear cellophane bags and finished it with some festive ribbon to give to some of my coworkers this year. I haven’t passed them out yet, but plan to next week.

Then I’ll know who doesn’t follow my blog (naughty) and who does (nice) as to whether they’re surprised by the gift.


2 thoughts on “Happy trail (mix) to you this holiday season

  1. Looks good –think I will try it! Merry Christmas from Lillie, Louisiana!!

  2. Good idea, but I think my taste bud combination would just be the red and green M&M’s! A lot less time spent mixing and shopping for ingredients. But alas, not nearly as “crafty”! I guess I’m a bit of a grinch, as I spent 30 minutes up in the attic for my wife last night looking for “holiday tins” for a similar concoction she had made for her co-workers. The whole time I’m thinking “doesn’t the Christmas M&M bag look festive enough?”. Just throw one of those on my desk!