Get your call (and laughs) on here

This morning I grabbed the wrong pair of pants from the hamper (I wore them dirty anyway), bit into a bran muffin filled with raisins (which I loathe) and apparently forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. I was, as the kids say, a hot mess.

Then I realized it’s Thursday, not Monday, and that fixed everything. Not so much.

But this hilarious music video by my NWTF coworkers put me somewhat back on track.

Sam McDuffie, our museum coordinator, who moonlights as a musician, wrote the song, “Get Your Call On.” The “fly guys” are Joe Mole (video department) and Chris Piltz (special events).

And if you believe the animatronic old man really came to life, hold on to your fairytale dreams. If you don’t, it’s Robert Abernethy, assistant VP of agency programs, getting his geriatric groove on.

When I think about how this video pulled me from my deep hole of self-pity, I said to myself, I MUST SPREAD THE POSITIVENESS OF GETTING YOUR CALL ON.

It deserves to go viral, people. So do your part! Share this piece of awesomeness!


7 thoughts on “Get your call (and laughs) on here

  1. I must admit, I found myself bopping along to the beat, mouthing “Get Your Cll On”. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

    • I find myself rapping “Getcha call on, getcha call on here” like 70 times a day. Addictive!

  2. Karen, even on your bad days, you look beautiful! What a fun video ! We are fortunate to have such talented NWTF to produce this video.

  3. Karen, I had about the same kind of day, but this made me laugh and capped the day off right. Christine

  4. Karen, Way too cool , you have got to post that on Facebook. Keep on keeping on !

    • George, the video is on my Facebook page. Please find it and share it with everyone you know. Or just share the link to the blog post on your page. I’d love to see it spread!!!