Booty shakin’ in a food plot

I’m lame. I know.

It’s been almost three weeks since my last post, but things have been a bit hectic around here. My husband’s been on a 10-day elk hunt in the middle of nowhere. There was a death in his extended family. My family came in town. And there have been some significant changes at work in the last few weeks.

My only excuse is I’ve been distracted.

CAUGHT ON TRAIL CAMERA: Dad is all business, but even checking a food plot is enough to get Cooper’s little rump shaking.

Just when I’ve ridden the wave of self-absorption for too long, all I have to do is look down about a foot below eye level at my 3-year-old son.

You see, also during this time of craziness, Cooper has developed a “thing.” He busts out in random dancing at any given moment.

A song with a good beat comes over the loud speaker in the grocery store. We sing an upbeat hymn at church. Heck, there doesn’t even have to be a note of music playing, he feels the rhythm and goes at it.

It starts with a slight knee bend, then his shoulders come up. That’s when the booty shakin’ starts. At the store, at church, walking down the sidewalk, he’s not scared to drop it like it’s hot.

My first reaction is to yell, “Cooper!” Then I can’t help but laugh.

When my family was in town, he gave them a good show during an impromptu karaoke night in my living room. My sister and I were belting out “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake, and Cooper gave a performance fit for a male revue (not that I’ve ever been to one nor, as his mother, am I fully comfortable in making that comparison).

I looked over at my mom, who was shaking and covering her face, even crying in a fit of laughter. “At least we know he gets it honestly,” she said looking at me.

What? Me? No!

Guilty as charged…

Cooper’s newfound groove has reminded me to find fun in every day. I have so much to dance about. I have a husband who had the chance to go on a dream hunt. I’m in good health. I have a family who loves and supports me. I’m not only employed, but have a fulfilling career.

Think about what you’re grateful for today, even if you’re stuck in traffic, on your way to another meeting or wishing you were somewhere else (like in a deer stand). Find a beat in your head, bend your knees or move your shoulders to the rhythm, then give a quick little booty shake.

Trust me, a day goes by much faster when you smile.

Have a great weekend, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Booty shakin’ in a food plot

  1. That boy better watch out with the booty shakin in a Baptist Church! I wanted to mention I enjoyed the radio show too! But hey, it’s easy to look “hot” on radio though!!! You Southern Baptists are something else! LOL!

  2. I love hearing stories about little ones. You never know what will come out of their minds. It seems like everyone who sees the new thought that has came out results in a rage of laughter. My 4 year old grandson sure can lift up my day. For sure, God put them on earth for a reason. Thanks for the great story.