A hunting couple’s love note

Some men tuck mushy cards in their wives’ suitcases when they travel. Others surprise the loves of their life at the airport baggage claim, grasping a dozen roses in their eager hands. Both are gestures of romance that don’t really fit into the Lee-Davis lifestyle.

But I don’t need cards or roses to know my husband, CJ, loves me.

I might, however, be a bit more needy.

My new red dot scope came in while I was turkey hunting in New Mexico. CJ loves me so much, he took it to the range and sighted it in for me. Then he left me careful instructions so I wouldn’t screw up his handy work.

CJ left for Kentucky to hunt turkeys before I returned home from New Mexico. Then I headed for North Carolina (to hunt turkeys) before he returned, so there was no time for airport surprises or card shop visits.

Besides, I don’t think Hallmark makes a I-do-this-because-I-want-you-to-kill-‘em-dead-and-make-me-proud card.

Instead, I got a neat piece of notebook paper with the sweetest scrawling.

No hearts, no flowers, no problem. My man says "I love you" by keeping me shooting straight.

In case you can’t read his handwriting (no worries, I have a hard time too), here’s what it said:

–       Large dial on top turns it on & controls brightness
-       Battery is located under the top of big dial as well
-       Make sure you turn it off when not hunting & make sure you turn it on when you set up
-       Trust me center is the one in the middle of the dot sight
-       Without it being on it will not work
          Best of luck
          Love, CJ

He left the note on the guest bed, next to my freshly sighted in Remington, along with two baggies of shells marked #1 and #2 (in order of the best pattern, if you haven’t already figured it out).

CJ wants to see me succeed in all I do. He’s always there to help me when he can. And I do the same for him. That’s what works for us.

He wanted me to point out, however, that while I think his detailed notes are sweet, I don’t always follow them. I forgot to turn off the scope after my last hunt, which sucked the battery dry.

I have a feeling my next “love” note might take on a firmer tone. Perhaps I need little more tough love than the ooey-gooey kind.