Wandering the Halls: Gregg Powers, Turkey Country managing editor

It’s only fitting that my first Wandering the Halls victim is Gregg Powers, managing editor of Turkey Country. That’s where I spend a lot of my time, perched on his filing cabinet and, according to him, telling him what to do.

Gregg and I share a love of music, and he’s THE coworker that would give me a run for my money in a music trivia match. (He’d run laps around me on ‘70s rock and country; I’d school him on ‘80s pop and ‘90s grunge.) He’s a drummer and oftentimes returns home to Tennessee to jam with friends and, of course, visit his sweet and sassy girlfriend. (Love ya, Candy.)

Gregg Powers — Turkey Country managing editor, drummer, music buff and NWTF employee mostly likely to rejoin the KISS Army today

Here’s how he answered my questions…

OFFICIAL TITLE: Turkey Country managing editor

JOB DESCRIPTION: I make sure the magazine gets out, on time…and do what Karen tells me to do.


WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE YOU CAME TO WORK FOR THE NWTF? I was the outdoor writer/editor for the Johnson City Press in Johnson City, Tenn.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? I have lots of favorites. I like seeing the magazine come together. I enjoy editing the stories and, of course, I like hunting turkeys. I work with a great bunch of creative people.

WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PART? I don’t have many least favorite parts. I guess preparing for convention, because it falls during a busy time of magazine production. We’re working on the March-April issue then, which is our biggest issue each year.

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I USUALLY SPEND MY LUNCH BREAK…eating with the gang in the communications department, mostly with Karen and her husband, CJ. I’m usually thinking about what needs to get done back at the office.

IF YOU WERE A CAR/TRUCK PART, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? The tires. They’re very important in getting you where you need to go.