Who pressed the fast-forward button?

If you kept up with my posts during the NWTF National Convention (or if you’re like some of my coworkers and just now finding time to read through them after the fact), you know how I spent our 36th annual event — backstage. You also know that I’m the fan club president of Ovations, the production company hired by the NWTF to add the bells and whistles to the dinners, calling contests, breakfasts and such by using lights, surround-sound and 30-foot screens.

If you didn’t follow me throughout the convention, well, drop and give me 20, then keep scrolling down. My post for Saturday night introduces you to some of the Ovations team.

One of the crewmembers, Video Director Brad Poulson, planted a camera somewhere in the rafters of the Delta Ballroom and captured the hours of labor it took to turn an empty ballroom into a venue worthy of our annual Thursday night Welcome Party, as well as the rest of the weekend’s events.

Ovations loaded in the first of the production equipment on Tuesday at 8:45 a.m., and had us ready to kick off our convention by 5:45 on Thursday night. Makes me break a sweat just thinking about it.

You’ll see dozens of busy bodies hoisting lights and testing mics over a span of 33 hours, then starting at minute 3:15 footage of the actual Welcome Party, complete with Pledge of Allegiance, four sets of entertainers and a Bass Pro racecar.

Brad edited the footage and smooshed it into a rockin’ video that takes less than 5 minutes to watch.

But don’t blink, you might miss something. This time-lapse video of the Delta Ballroom gives new meaning to busy bodies and shows (yet oversimplifies at the same time) just how much work it takes to make the events at the NWTF National Convention a memorable experience, complete with lights, cameras and a whole lot of action.