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Land Management Tips

Habitat Management

Managing land to improve wildlife habitat increases the value of that land and creates a place for wildlife to flourish and for hunters to pass on their traditions. The NWTF provides services to help private landowners manage their land for wildlife.

Land Management Tips

The NWTF offers a full selection of land management tips to help attract more wildlife to your property. Ideas for everything from testing soil and planting to choosing the right seed will help you improve your property for wildlife. Click here to view our tips archive.

Wild Turkey Woodlands

NWTF chapters are committed to improving wildlife habitat on private lands. The Wild Turkey Woodlands Award program recognizes private landowners in your community for what they do for wildlife. Click here for more information about the Wild Turkey Woodlands program.

Habitat Improvement Products

Conservation Seed Program

The NWTF's Conservation Seed Program provides members with treated, outdated seed that can be used for conservation purposes. Click here for more information.

Turkey Gold Chufa

Turkey Gold Chufa, sold by the NWTF, is an agricultural variety of the native nutsedge that matures in 90 to 110 days. Chufa produces underground tubers that turkeys relish. Click here for more information.

Project H.E.L.P. (Habitat Enhancement Land Program)

Click here to find a range of habitat enhancement products including seed mixes, land management manuals and helpful videos.

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