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Project HELP Provides Habitat Products

Food plots are an important part of wildlife management and hunting. They are great for providing important nutrition to wildlife and for bringing game within range.

However, hunters need to plant the right seeds at the right time. The NWTF's Project HELP program provides high-quality seeds and tree seedlings at competitive prices, as well as many other products to help you bring more wildlife to your land.

"High-quality seeds produce high-quality food plots," said Bryan Burhans, NWTF director of land management. "Project HELP was designed to provide hunters and land managers with the tools they need to provide the best possible habitat for wildlife."

Here are a few seed mixes offered through the NWTF's Project HELP program.

The Strut & Rut Perennial Concentrate Mix is a favorite of wildlife biologists and hunters. It provides high-quality food and cover for wildlife for several years with proper maintenance. Both deer and wild turkeys utilize clover during the cooler times of the year. It does best when planted between August and October in the South and May through June in the northern states.

The Strut & Rut Southeast Fall Annual Mix is a high-quality mix that provides forage for a variety of wildlife, especially white-tailed deer. The mix contains blue lupine and German winter peas mixed with naked oats. Plant between August and December.

The Strut & Rut Northeast/Midwest Perennial Mix is a low-maintenance perennial mix that can be planted from May to June or September to October throughout the Northeast and Midwest areas. This is a tried-and-true mix for attracting deer and turkeys in the Midwest.

Biologic Maximum is a New Zealand annual brassicas mix that can be planted in the spring or fall. This mix can produce up to 10 tons of forage per acre with plant species that mature at different rates providing food throughout the life of the food plot.

Biologic Full Draw can be planted from mid-August through October to provide important nutrition to wildlife from germination until the plots mature. This is an ideal mix for bowhunters looking to create a hotspot for deer.

DeltAg Seed Coat is a dry, ready-to-use seed treatment that improves seed germination and plant emergence. Give your seeds the boost they need with DeltAg Seed Coat.

The Managing Openings for Wild Turkeys manual provides year-round habitat advice on managing openings with topics on site preparation, seed varieties, seeding rates and tree seedlings to bring more wildlife to your property.

Find Project HELP habitat products in the NWTF Turkey Shoppe Web site, or order a catalog by calling (800) THE-NWTF.


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