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Get in the Game

Whether you're a large landowner or somebody who only owns a few acres, it's a good bet that you are interested in how to make your land more suitable for wildlife. For those looking for a great source of information about managing their land, the National Wild Turkey Federation has a great new tool called Get in the Game: Attracting Wildlife to Your Land, an interactive reference guide and resource planning CD-ROM full of useful information.

"Get in the Game will help you manage your land for wild turkeys, deer, quail and a variety of other birds and animals," said Andy Adams, NWTF wildlife biologist. The CD features an electronic planting guide, landowner journal, turkey game and resource materials and is the easiest way to organize a management plan for any piece of land. The CD also features a program that will allow you to create maps of your property or hunting club and videos that offer insight from land management professionals on prescribed burning, choosing and applying herbicides, timber planting and harvesting, planting a food plot, the wild turkey subspecies and much more.

Get in the Game includes links through the Internet to all federal and state wildlife or forestry agencies, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency and the USDA Agriculture Extension. In addition, users will be able to link directly to the NWTF's web site where they can post questions about land management, find an NWTF event or simply talk turkey.

To order Get in the Game ($9.99), call (800)-THE-NWTF or click here.


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