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Turkey Gold Strut and Rut, is Excellent for All Game

If you're a landowner looking to improve wildlife habitat on your property or hunting lease, look no further. Turkey Gold Strut and Rut is a seed blend available by one of the most respected conservation organizations across North America, the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Bryan Burhans, NWTF Director of Land Management suggests that the Turkey Gold Strut and Rut spring annual mix is an excellent choice for planting openings during the spring. "This inexpensive annual mix grows quickly and provides food and cover throughout the summer, fall and early winter," said Burhans. This mix should be planted in the spring or early summer from March 1 through June 30.

The Spring Strut and Rut mix is a great mixture that provides high-quality feeding areas for turkey poults throughout the U.S.

Proper soil preparation is critical, so before planting have the soil tested. Then, apply lime and fertilizer according to the recommendations. Soil testing, in the long run, will save you time and money. If you would prefer not to have your soil tested, apply 1,000 pounds of lime and 100 pounds of 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre. Using the proper amounts of lime and fertilizer will maximize plant growth.

Prepare your seedbed by plowing and disking. Make sure you broadcast the seed at 25 to 35 pounds per acre. Then cover the seed to 1/8 inch using a drag or disc. For best results, lightly compact the soil using a roller or drag. The Southeast Strut and Rut is an annual mixture, so make plans to replant it each spring.

The Southeast Strut and Rut mixture is available through the National Wild Turkey Federation's Project HELP (Habitat Enhancement Land Program). To place an order or receive a free catalog, call 800-THE-NWTF or click here.


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